Half an Hour for you :*

Half an Hour for you :*

This is “Half an Hour” of your life

You can make your life longer for the Half an Hour. O less :), if you want

How to use this Time (30 min):

Download and watch this video 30 min. Your Life will be longer (+ 30 min). You can meditate, dancing, looking at the video. Do what ever you want.

How to pay:

You know what is price for your time per hour. Send for us half of this. For example: you are lawyer, your time cost 250$/hour – donate 125$. If your time cost less 100$, please do your time for free with our technologies and Welcome back when price will be more 100$. We use Translighter BLAGA Brilliant (translighters.com/translighter-blaga-brilliant/) – it’s complicated product.
We understand that it difficult to believe :). We need control and some diagnostic technologies. We are working for this.

Hourglass 100 from My Hourglass Collection in “Half an Hour for you :*”  Art-Science experiment

“Half an Hour for you :*” is an experimental product of KOROTKOV.company. Produced by Korotkov.TV.